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 The Greely Baseball Hall of Fame

Throughout the 90 plus years of Greely Baseball history there have been individuals who have dominated their eras and left their mark on the program for a life time.

The Greely Baseball Hall was established in the spring of 2007 to honor the elite individuals whose impact on Greely Baseball will never be forgotten. The Hall of Fame committee of 20 voted and only those individuals receiving votes on at least 70 percent of the ballots were inducted. This standard of 70 percent is 5 percent higher than what is required to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The first Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held on the Greely baseball field at Springbrook park on June 2nd, 2007. Five Greely legends were inducted: Terry Snow ('63), Bobby Doyle ('69), Brian Jolliffe ('92), Andrew Hanson ('97) and Coach Bob Anthoine (1986-1999). Only fitting, after the ceremony an alumni game was held between players of the past and players of the present (the alumni team won).

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